// Project Summary

Designing a Tool for Responsive, Human-Centered Design

How might we create a tool to help print designers transition to responsive and human-centered design?


Self-Motivated Project


Visual Designer

Tools and Frameworks

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop


2 Months

The Problem

Designers who have worked exclusively in print or desktop design face a radical departure and difficult transition to responsive and human-centered design through multiple form-factors. Can we design a tool to help designers through this transition?

The Solution

Process Cards are a set of cards that guide designers through a simple, linear process exploring responsive and human-centered design considerations. Cards are broken up into five phases, and each individual card deals with one consideration during that phase.

Users start by defining their projects goals and objectives, followed by selecting which form factors they are designing for (for example: smartphone, tablet, and desktop). Based on the device they are designing for, they receive a set of cards with considerations specific to each. Designers then navigate through other process phases including: Requirements, Information Architecture, Structure, and Visual Design.

Designers also learn that their choices have consequences. Some cards have “Ripple Effect” numbers. If the designer changes any considerations involving that card, the “Ripple Effect” numbers show which cards later in the process they will affect.