// Project Summary

Website Redesign for a Nonprofit Organization

How might we realign this site's look and feel and re-imagine the site structure to better serve our users and business goals?


Healthy Baby Network (HBN), Novus Be Known, Inc.


User Researcher, Information Architect, Visual Designer, Front-end/Back-end Developer

Tools and Frameworks

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Bootstrap


3 Months

The Problem

HBN needed a new website that would incorporate a new brand identity and address various pain points identified by stakeholders.

The Solution

Based on conversations with stakeholders and research, we created a greatly slimmed down website that focused user attention on a few key areas. The site was designed to be completely responsive and align with HBN’s new identity system.

The Result

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from stakeholders and clients alike.
  • 70% increased internal and external communication efficiency, measured by our partners.
  • 15% increase in views in the first month, versus the same month in the previous year.