// Project Summary

Adobe Conference Website Design and Development

How might we create a new identity and website for a yearly conference?


Adobe Systems, Inc.


Identity Designer, Visual Designer, Front-End Developer

Tools and Frameworks

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Bourbon, Bourbon Neat


2.5 Weeks

The Problem

Adobe needed a website and identity system expedited for its yearly Inspirational Master Class Conference (ADIM) titled: “20,000 Layers Under the Sea.” This site would be used to advertise and collect signups for the event.

The Solution

After research and mood boarding I created visual style based on Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” Color, imagery, iconography, and type were all inspired by the source material. Wireframes and rapid prototypes were created to explore concepts quickly and move into development. In the end, users would learn more about this event and signup by scrolling downward through the murky depths of a single-page responsive website with an optional blog.

The Result

The website launched to rave reviews from the customer and attendees alike, helping gather signups and making the event a success.