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  • ClientSelf
  • DateMarch 2012
  • RoleDesigner


ProcessCards are a 54-card conceptual tool to help designers create a responsive workflow for designing websites and mobile/desktop applications. These cards guide designers through a five stage process that begins with defining objectives, then moves to creating a content, information, structural, and visual strategies. Each card contains one subject and a group of considerations that applies to responsive website development.

Multiple Devices, Custom Workflow

ProcessCards create a workflow that caters to specific responsive devices. For example, if a designer is working on a website or app for smartphone or tablet platforms, then their workflow will contain only cards that apply to those devices, as well as a group of core considerations that apply to all.

The Ripple Effect

Some ProcessCards have “Ripple Numbers” which indicate by color and number, which later cards changes to considerations may affect. It is important to carefully consider any changes you make, because a single change can ripple outwards through an entire workflow.