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Life of the Universe Poster

  • ClientGRDS 751: Print Studio II
  • DateSpring Quarter 2010
  • RoleDesigner


This assignment called on us to create an information design piece based on a large body of scientific work or statistical analysis. To this end, I chose to illustrate the current accepted model of the lifecycle of the universe in poster format.


This poster was to be created on a simple 60lb semi-gloss poster stock. The poster dimensions would be 32” x 48”.

Information Design

The content of the poster would be broken up vertically, into each of the five main phases of the universe. Each main phase would have its own main visual element, and assorted facts. Content is broken up into three distinct types, each dealing with one our primary driving forces of the universe: stars, life, heat + energy. Key areas of content are broken up into easily digestable facts in each stage of the universe’s life cycle, while levels of each driving force are listed to the right in each stage.

Life of the Universe Poster
Life of the Universe Poster
Life of the Universe Poster