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LETS Website

  • ClientLETS Program
  • DateMarch 2011
  • RoleDesigner & Developer


Lifecycle Engineering and Technical Support desired a new website based on web standards. To complicate things, they wanted to specifically cater to Internet Explorer 8. With this, many challenges arise: how do we create a website that takes advantage of of a contemporary look and feel, while maintaining aesthetic conformity across different browsers? How do we overcome display inconsistencies between the different browser rendering engines? How do we support web standards, when the browser we are using barely knows the meaning of those words?


The overall layout used an 18 columns. These 18 columns were combined into a 3 larger columns. The front page featured horizontal main navigation, a JavaScript slider for featured items, as well as news and a link to each of the four main services. Internal pages kept a consistent feel, but with a slimmer header and banner which incorporated secondary navigation. Our content structure was only a few levels deep, so a simple secondary navigation bar was able to handle additional content.

Visual Design & Aesthetics

Aesthetically, we continued to use hues that denoted technology (blues and cool purples), as well as military aircraft. Headings were broken up into a hierarchy of three levels, using both regular and condensed sans-serif typefaces. These clean, compact typefaces contribute to the high-tech, contemporary feel of the overall site.

Markup and Technology

Cross-browser design issues were overcome easily. Thankfully, more modern versions of Internet Explorer feature conditional tags, in which we can add extra style sheets for version specific layout fixes. Effects like rounded corners and non-filter based gradients were either omitted from our IE visual agenda, or replaced with gradient JPEGs, or JavaScript fixes. Overall, I wanted to keep with the basic tenants of progressive enhacement design: providing a baseline experience across all browsers and environments, and building upon that experience as our users surfed with more advanced browsers.

LETS Website
LETS Website
LETS Website
LETS Website