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Anti-Paper Map

  • ClientGRDS759: Print Studio II
  • DateSpring Quarter 2009
  • RoleDesigner


Folding maps have been both a blessing and a thorn in the side of consumers. While they can help us find our way, they can also be a huge hassle to use. They can be too detailed, containing more information than we need, and destroying any good information design…while also being a nightmare to handle and manage in enclosed spaces (like inside a car). GPS changed this. It gave us real-time turn-by-turn directions and location-based information. All of this, contained within small, 3”x 4” box.

This project was to create a print piece, that promoted the use of electronic methods of navigation like GPS, while urging users to forsake their paper maps. This took the form of a 24”x32” folding map/brochure.

Front Side

On the front of this map, we are presented with a story of someone being late to a meeting, and having to use a folding map. Set in the foreground of the composition is a smartphone, with a mocking title. The title uses color to put emphasis on the words “map” and “completely lost.” Visual space is given to “com” letterforms, which whisk the viewer’s imagination away to newer media and technologies.

Reverse Side

On the reverse side, we’re presented with other options for navigation and reasons to stay away from folding maps. A toilet seat with a sticker on it mocks folding maps as “toilet paper”, and also serves as the cover to this map when completely folded.

Tear It Up!

As an added bonus, users can literally cut-up this mock-folding map, and use it’s coupons to purchase smartphones and other GPS devices.

Anti-Paper Map
Anti-Paper Map
Anti-Paper Map