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What is Occtopia?

Occtopia is my personal playground, sounding board, and portfolio site. My name is Jason Occhipinti, and I am an interdisciplinary visual communicator. My current field of practice is with web/UX design and responsive design + development, as well as print and identity design.

My Focus

As an undergraduate, I began my focus in the realm of print. Eventually, I opened up more to the possibilities of the digital medium. After I graduated I fully realized my love for web and interface design. I transferred my knowledge of aesthetics, typography, color theory, and composition to the web, and have most recently turned my focus to creating responsive deliverables across all devices: desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

My Philosophy

I am convinced that a purely digital, adaptive medium is the future our profession. Media convergence marches on as the same information gains multiple conduits to consumers. Our present, and future discipline requires designers roles to evolve into creators of interactivity, visualizations, interfaces, and conduits for information to flow through. No longer passive and no longer just interactive, but adaptive. This adaptive nature spans across mediums and devices.

My Passion: Design

"I love to create" - it's a phrase that I never hear myself say. The words simply resonate through my thoughts and through my hands when I touch a keyboard, or lift a pigment liner pen to paper. Creation is a state of action that walks hand-in-hand with both struggle, and joy...challenge and triumph.

To me, the joy of creation and expression makes that simple phrase seem trite.

A personal note...

I live and work here in Upstate New York. In my spare time I enjoy lifting and outdoor activities like running, biking, and hiking. I am in love with all things Apple, and wouldn't trade my Mac Pro for any computer in the world.

Oh yeah...by the way...

...thanks for visiting my site! Feel free to contact me anytime through my online contact form, or through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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